DEAR ROUGH ROUGH RAFIU – Ibraheem Abdullateef

“Dinstinguished Senator, can we please be very civil, urbane, suave and truly morally distinguished? ”

First and foremost, let me take refuge from the troubles and travails of the paid media warriors ever ready to subvert the truth and Justice for their paymasters, I take shelter from your buffoonery.

Thereafter, shall I proceed to spin bitter words in the eyes of your man crush, Senator Rafiu Ibraheem, for the arson and homicide perpetrated by his overzealous, dimwitted and misguided footsoldiers at Ojoku earlier this week.

The spate of press releases by every Tom, Dick and Harry notwithstanding, the truth of the matter has seived through to the public and the substance has been held that you, Senator Rafiu’s supporters attacked a fellow contender at your home town. And it’s brazenly shameful, macabre and dishonourable that an honourable member would tow the path of dishonor and dishonesty by barefacedly alledging the attacked man, Architect Lola Ashiru, as the attacker.

I don’t really know if ignorance has a price but the price of irresponsibility is certainly unquantifiable. I want to posit that the unwarranted attack is the manifestation of the brand of politics Senator Rafiu preaches to his people. And the available accounts ably mirror our embattled Senator’s antics of unsportmanship.

With every sense of sobriety, there’s no level of unrest and disorderliness such incidence could not degenerated. Pray, it doesn’t become a bad precedence for further attacks leading to reprisals, pray , our people borrow sense from the banks of wisdom and not let another rough rough politician like Rafiu’s political ambition set them against each other!

And I am forced to wonder, if animosity had ever won an election. Perhaps we should ask Senator Rafiu if that successful coup would retain him in power! For all I know, denial won’t be potent enough to convince the world he didn’t attempt to kill his opponent, out of cowardice and desperation, at his own backyard. And the chance of redemption would be no more, no more.

If ever there was one, that singular act of desperation has shattered it. The good people of Offa, Lola Ashiru’s stronghold, kept their cool when Rafiu and his fellow Comrades- in – slavery came calling. They held whatever misgivings they had in check and portrayed themselves nobly and honourably. While Sinato Rafiu and allies pontificated and parabulated on the shores of Offa during their campaign visits, no one pebbled them stones or petted them with cutlasses. They did their things and left unharmed. So why such act of desperation? So why violence? So why maiming and killing to make a political point?

It’s equally surprising how lowly some of these politicians regard the traditional rulers and their seats of authority. I can’t stop wondering what could prompt a people to wage war against his home if not madness, if not emotional instability. It reeks of disrespect and sheer insensitivity that a politician would instigate attack of another while paying obeisance to the king of the community. Isn’t that a clear disregard for Kabiyesi?

Dinstinguished Senator, can we please be very civil, urbane, suave and morally distinguished?

The D- day is just two days away. It’s pregnant with a set of twins. It would come with either the news of Continuity or Discontinuity. This would be child of necessity for all your years of actions and inactions, pray you get luck.

But if Discontinuity becomes your portion, we beg you in the name of humanity, do not use the blood of our brothers to play your rough games.

Unless events before, during and after elections repaint you, dear Senator, you have successfully found yourself a new nick in the media, Senator Rough Rough.

Happy Coronation and best of luck.

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