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Why Mogaji, Alangua and traditional institution must not meddle in politics


Our organization created in 2012 with the aim of seeking political reforms that can reposition Kwara State for greater economic development has viewed the meddling of our traditional institution in politics as counter productive.

While we are not opposed to the peace initiative of our Mogaji and Alangua in Ilorin Emirate aimed at bringing together our sons in APC, we must advise against injecting political maneuvering into a ‘genuine’ cause.

We aware that the traditional title holders have met four out of the 10 governorship aspirants of Ilorin extraction with messages that went beyond peace talks.

The traditional institution is naturally the custodian of our culture and usually respected by all because of its closeness to nature.

However, we are dismayed that the traditional institution is swayed into believing conjectures that may be in favour of a particular political leader and his party.

The move to cow members of the APC through their leaders to submit to the whims of an embattled political leader is not only inimical to the growth of the Emirate but Kwara State as a whole.

Our traditional title holders should be reminded that their office is not tenured but every political office and its holder has a tenure. Therefore, the tenure of the man they are out to elongate has expired.

The traditional institution should maintain its position as ‘any government in power (AGIP)’ and continue to enjoy a status they inherited from their fathers. Leave politics for politicians!

In the meantime, we seek to know at whose instance was the peace initiative involving the traditional institution commissioned? Who will be the ultimate beneficiary of the peace initiative – masses or the embattled leader?

We shall be watching very keenly political developments in the days ahead with the view of sensitizing and leading our people to the path of posterity and self-sustainability.

*Kayode Oyin-Zubair*
*Kwara Change Initiative*
Thursday, 29 November, 2018


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