Workshop (where man dey work na there man dey shop) is a pidgin language coined and often used in Ajegunle denoting the job that takes much of a man’s time must surely put food on his table. Therefore, I do present my plea for having not been able to keep my articles popping in these days-at least man needs to hustle.

With no intention to swing from the main crux, there is this African maxim that says when thousands of cobwebs unite they can tie up a lion, this adage, emphasizes the import of working in unison to achieve a common goal.

Relax, as I (safely) pilot your minds to kwara state polity. Before the All Progressive Congress primary elections in the state the political temperature within the party was at a boiling and heating point accompanied with mistrust, suspicion, mudslinging and character assassination among the various candidates seeking to bear the party’s flag come 2019 elections. That was not enough, Saraki, too tried (as usual) to put the primaries in disarray employing his traditional tools of propaganda and mole planting so as not to have an opponent who is capable of deflowering his political credentials-but his chicanery failed him this time.

I personally enjoy the aftermath-primaries political aura in the state as the fear that those candidates who (unjustifiably) lost out in the primaries might exit the party has been diplomatically allayed as they honestly exhibited the spirit of sportsmanship and promised to work with the favorited candidate who emerged as the flagbearer.

One selfless statesman and gubernatorial candidate for whom I won’t reserve my praise song is the astute banker, Alhaji Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha who fondly broadcast a sportman-like press release accepting his defeat as a divine wish and vowed to toe the party line in order to drag and resuscitate kwara state from the canines and incisors of the agelong hegemons. My grim regards also go to other candidates who had followed in the footpaths of Alhaji Lukman Mustapha by declaring to work for the Abdurrahman Abdurrazaq’s tickets.

In all fairness, you guys have made it crystally clear that your struggle for Kwara freedom and rebirth is not a tool for your personal gains. I really commend the national chairman of the Party, Comrade Adam Aliyu Oshiomole for convening a reconciliatory meeting to appease the aggrieved gubernatorial candidates and enjoined them to shelve their indignation in order to successfully reclaim kwara from the claws of the agelong Saraki’s obnoxious rule-what a giant stride.

Let me quickly wind up, victory for the All Progressive Congress in today’s bye-election in Ekiti/Irepodun/Isin/Oke-ero federal constituency will mark a significant threshold in the political history of Kwara and also signal an unprecedented freedom from the shackles and chains of neocolonialism. Moreover, Ajulo’s triumph will serve as an acid test and a rehearsal for the All Progressive Congress come next year’s elections.

We have shown them AJULO so that KALATISHE MATISHE and as for Saraki O DI AIYE ATUNWA in Kwara State.

See you soon…

Ibrahim Mo Gambari