By Titilope Anifowoshe

“We can’t fight the hunger of the stomach when poverty of the mind is getting stronger” – Distinguished Sen Gbemisola Saraki

Our nation is more divided than ever. Everyone seem to be more politically conscious than before. If only our political consciousness is proximate to our interest in good governance.

Behind the rants, behind the criticisms, behind the portentous social media posts, behind the sagacity is a big meretriciousness.
We have seen politics as the shortest and fastest route to wealth. The Not Too Young To Run bill has given us the leeway to promote our selfish interests. The older generation are unmindful of breaking their already large belly- the one that filled with worms, ill-gotten wealth, bloodsheds and co.

Even if you don’t want to steal, the surge of demands your constituency make will push you to pilfer. Your English, or talks about sustainable projects won’t attract their big mouths.

Did I hear you place a curse on a politician now? 😏 Did I just hear you assert that the political class destroyed Nigeria?
What about the departmental dues you squandered on your personal needs? What about the 500% increase you singlehandedly added to your schoolfees? What about the lady you cheated because you are more conversant with the traders at computer village? What about the 50,000 you paid to Mr B to boost your Jamb score? What about the phone calls your daddy made to his friend for the insertion of your name on the admission list even when your score was below admission requirement?
Don’t you think we are all a part of the broken Nigeria?
What are you doing to make Nigeria better?

O! It’s electioneering period and your friend has linked you up with the naive politician with the big pocket. You are convinced beyond doubt that he has nothing to offer the people, but the fact that he is ready to spend won’t stop you from canvassing support for him. You are already eyeing the iPhone and car you will purchase after your political prostitution. What about your future?

Indeed we cannot fight the hunger of the stomach when poverty of the mind is getting stronger!

Titilope Anifowoshe LegalEagle

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