The University of Ilorin increased tuition fee

The University of Ilorin increased tuition fee

The Senate Council of the Student Union in their press release made available to theinformant247 titled THE SUDDEN HIKE IN TUITION FEE: OUR STAND Stated that “We all woke up to a sudden drama that have opened and closed everyone’s mouth, which is none but the much talk about hike in school fee which has caused so much panic among our members.

Your respective representatives has tabled their grievances before the leadership of the Senate Council which we have looked into on behalf of the Union and reach the following conclusion.

1. We are joining our fellow compatriots, The executive arm of Government in saying NoToIncreaseTutionFee.

2. We also want to admonish our members to put all payments on hold as we look into the matter

3. The leadership of the Senate Council will alongside the other arm of Government table our grievances before the Management as we believe they will profer solution to the matter as soon as possible.”

The Senate Council further said “We advised all members to remain calm and do away with any form of protest, violence campaign and social media attack on the image of the better by far Community as we believe and firmly take side with diplomacy as the important tool to always iron out difficult issues, we believe the Directorate of Students Affairs and the school management at large will resolve the issue as soon as possible, Fabulous Members let’s continue to be better by far”