By: IBRAHEEM Abdullateef

I have no doubts I saw the picture of beautiful tomorrows on the faces of hundreds of Kwara youth at the highly distinctive, musical talent hunt tagged Kwara Idol Season 1 at the inimitable Hall A Kwara Hotels, in Ilorin last week Saturday. The brilliance, aura and candour displayed by the finalists was fanciful and noteworthy. These were talented guys just needing a push to reach the stardom but would rather got discouraging shove from most capable people. And the moment, if I should attempt describing it, was in my opinion a smokescreen, not incapable of catapulting a talent into the world of arts.

The small stage notwithstanding, the big performances by the guys deserve bigger praises. They must be commended for their boldness,bravery, zeal and passion to follow their dreams. I reckon the event was not only epochal for its uniqueness, the hunger and passion displayed by the organizers and the contestants worth an op- Ed in a national dailies.

However, one shouldn’t leave the head to cover the knee with a cap, it’s an abnormality with no other name. The biggest of praises and encomiums should be showered on the financier and sponsors of the program. As an experienced planner myself, I know the deal behind an idea is money before it becomes ideal. This was why I sniffed around to know who was the drummer beneath the sea of the singing and dancing future musical gods from Kwara State at the Kwara Idols Talent Show.

And quite overwhelmingly but not unusually, after all a great feat is meant for a great man, the revelations unearthed yet another distinguished, remarkable, outstanding, uncommon, rare and wonderful deed of a relentless banker investing in the future of Kwara youth.

Mayhap you believe I was too generous with my praises, I would have no problems asking you to define a man who thought it wise to look the ways of entertainment as a means of development, engagement and empowerment of our youth.

Most especially, when it’s an open secret that entertainment and arts has not been an household enterprise in Kwara State. While it’s incontrovertible that the State of Harmony has been blessed with few successful artists, it is also undeniable that with the needed support in kind and cash by well – to – do persons in the society, Kwara would have little problems producing the next 2Baba, Brymo, Asa, Simisola and many more.

The lack thereof many years before and the emergence of an ` alien ` now informed the reasons why I strongly felt the financier of such a huge musical talent hunt in a state like Kwara State, should be highly appreciated. I remembered vividly that a daring feat in the olden days when we were younger usually attracted fleshy, fat ” thigh” of the hen. In honour of the virtue of appreciation, I had pen this opinion to encourage and laud him.

I feel strongly that if Kwara had been fortunate with such visionary individual that recognises the values and impacts of entertainment, and the apparent shortcomings and weaknesses of this state in that angle, maybe the state would not only be sitting atop the log for the most prolific and virile entertainment hub but possibly the most artful State in Nigeria and Africa. You see, no matter the finesse of this appraisal, it would still be lacking in substance to show befitting appreciations of such a highly visionary, wonderful and messianic feat.

Yet as huge as this feat was, there’s yet another I found much more angelic and godlike from the future- investing Financial expert. Dear reader, permit me yet again to unveil one of his uncommon exploits in the drive to negotiate a brighter future for Kwara State through her obviously underutilized, mismanaged and untapped bags of potential called its youth .

I remembered seeing an incredulous announcement flying on the social media spaces about a certain helper somewhere, willing to pay the school fees for anyone lacking the financial clouts. Since social media stories are rather taken with pinch of salt now, I won’t deny I was a doubting Thomas! I had wondered even if it wasn’t a stunt by some dye- in- the wool politicians wanting to play fast game on the unsuspecting public again.

However, a covert background check of the source of the unbelievable announcement turned out to be a piece of cake! It was him, the relentless investor, who had remain stoic and resolute to see Kwarans producing Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers in the nearest future and was ready to bail these brothers and sisters out of school fees financial imbroglio. Truth be told I was moved! Here was me who had always thought miracles, wonders and angels were ethereal but I was wrong I accepted, because there was one right in my nose!

And I kept on imagining the impacts and values of these Philanthropic gestures in the next few years. I imagine a mature man hanging a stethoscope and one other robed in suits and wigs. There’s virtually no greater than building the society and in this case Mallam Lukman is the architect of an highly educated Kwara in the most nearest future.

Yet this kindheartedness, altruism, benevolence and magnanimity has been proven to be just an habit by the angelic investor whose antecedents revealed to be the poor people prophet from long time ago. How noble.

So if I fail to celebrate a noble man, could I be said to be wise? Appreciation is a good man’s encouragement. Whereas an helper might chose to be helpful, the helped must be appreciative. This is why I had taken the initiative, to seize this auspicious moment to beckon on blessings, grace and prosperity to find and locate the house of the google – eyed Investor in the future of Kwara youth and make it an abode. Since they say goodness should only begot goodness, may goodness and mercy become friends and neighbors in his home. And I wish Kwara would up the stake by joining me in appreciation as an acknowledgement and encouragement to a patriot and distinguished leader.

If there was anything I could offer much more than thanks, prayers and appreciation, I would have no second thought giving the one helping the poor without a hitch. However, a poet could try to use words to describe a man as an angel, but if it’s not Mallam Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha, the banker investing in Kwara youth, such description is a mere imagination, because being angelic is being LOM.

Meanwhile, a writer may chronicle Kwara’s greats dead or alive , such a book would be considered incomplete without the compassionate, altruistic, kindhearted and tireless helper of the masses.

For LOM is greatness undeniable. Thank you Lord for such blessings to Kwara State.

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