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Pray, dear Kwarans, this season come and go in peace without leaving much friendship in pieces and many relationship in ruins. The statements, assertions and remarks oozing out of the buccal cavities of some political leaders, and apologists at this point in time is best described as divisive, inciting and impolitic. I wouldn’t know, maybe for wants of what to say and lack thereof words of substance, why the political megaphones of political leaders are ever ready to wash their masters with pure, clean water when they are obviously ever bathing in lucre and filth.

I found it pitiable that the supposed intellectuals and opinion moulders on the social media has joined the charade, something I see as a depiction of their original selves because I, personally, never trusted most of them as learned and defined. Perhaps what makes one an intellectual on the social media is the ability to make much noise like an empty vessel. Pity! Social media might be just another medium of imbecility to some youth.

You see, I could have let this pass like some of their tell- tales in the past, however, this is taking too long to ebb away. The dictum that a lie repeated consistently may start sounding like the truth might not be much right than now in some parts of this state. And I could have just ‘ carry eyes’ if not that I saw this as another silly attempts to whip up unnecessary sentiments capable of putting my brothers and sisters against each other again!

The Some- people- hate- me rhetoric in the mouth of the Senate President, Sen. Bukola Saraki and his supporters in the last few days is most inciting and impolitic. And I am sure if some of these people don’t know the imports of the narratives immediately, the writer, Saraki knows the gains, but he’s just being mindless of the human and material loss divisive words could spark. It’s most thoughtless in every sense of it, that anyone would want to market hatred and division to our people because of politics.

Perhaps out of confusion, fear and anxiety of a likely defeat, the usually composed Saraki has let worries take control of his mind so much he care less what he said, where and how, so far it paints him brightly. But we should ask the ‘ Leader’ to tell the world why he, the ‘ owner of Kwara’ is suddenly jittery and chasing shadows of imaginary enemies. So who hate the Senate President?

I am of a very strong belief that it would be out of place for Saraki and his boys not to know history because History itself, is half of politics. But I would take the pains to remind them that the best part of Kwara’s lifetime has served Saraki and his family. Wheras time and nature has come and go the leadership of this state had remained in the grab of Saraki’s family starting from the Snr , since about 40years ago.

And for all I knew, you don’t claim a leader to those who hates and despises you. So who hates the Senate President?

So maybe they would look much wiser and intelligent if they can explain how an hated leader would have ruled as a governor for 8 years and as governor- general for another 8 years making a good- arduous-sixteen- years. They would do well to tell the world if this hatred they talk about with relish had always been or just began.

I think Saraki also needed a reminder that these were his people way back; his ” people” he had never spared any moment to portray to the world as a herd of sheep he was ordained to shepered. Did he by chance meant that this people now loathe him?

And I don’t have the vigour any longer to resist beaming my searchlight on Saraki’s State opposition leaders in APC. Just that I am disappointed that ” there’s no opposition in Kwara State”. Don’t look at me that way please….It was our Senate Prresident that told the world that ” truth”.

We have been made to believe that they are all ” nocturnal” politicians who poses no threat to his leadership. And as an act of loyalty and obedience to the Leader, I haven’t changed my thoughts. But I am getting confused who, if not the good people of Kwara state and the ” nocturnal” politicians, hate the Senate President so much he feels the heat.

Some years back, when I wrote the poem Aftermath, I never knew some parts of it would be describing a national leader’s political trajectory this vividly. I remember quite effortlessly a part that reads, ” Aftermath of all disregard, comes a broken mind regards”. This line tries to depict the consequences of disrespect to others which the poet believes, brings equal if not greater disrespect. And now that I remember it, I think the enemies of Saraki you might be trying to find are not far-fetched; they are the seeds of the misrule and disable leadership he planted.

I see Saraki as a bad, unwilful, unwilling, and unskilled farmer who has used 16 good years to cultivate a farm ( Kwara) with little to show for it.

And instead of accepting his inadequacies, the failed farmer is ever ready to snarl at the God for either lack of sun or excessive rain.

What haunts the Leader today is his inglorious past and not anyone. He should be much more concerned with how the people he considered his own left him naked and pitiably lonely.

Maybe I should be much more explicit here. The enemies of Saraki are unknown to the people of Kwara state. But Kwara knows and see an enemy in Saraki today. The people with eyes see the dearth of infrastructures, invisible road projects, the disturbing state of education, pitiable scores of unemployment, rise in youthful deliquency and collapse of their social cultural values and ethics .

Kwara people may( truly) not know of politics but know no governance too. This is a State that have only had a government house as an ‘ emblem’ in the past 7 years with little or no activities in there.

Even when hunger restrain their voices, their eyes and ears were never shut to how a Senator became the Chief Executive Officer of the state yet another time to bail the state out of salary arrears! And for all of these years whether with Saraki or Ahmed, the eye candy corruption at the corridors of power is most repulsive and disgusting.

Maybe there’s no where else in the world where modern slavery reigns more supreme. And Saraki is the Lord and the master. He rose, he leapt and grew yet his state stands still, leaning, falling and dying slowly. A perfect reminder of the popular local saying that ‘ Monkey dey work baboon dey chop’

Yet, the people were not blind. Saraki’s ” People” were not deaf. The people were always watching, waiting and waiting.

And now that reality is dawning, we shouldn’ t for want of evidence call white as black, it’s to be known henceforth that Saraki’s biggest enemy is nemesis; the aftermath of the time past. So when next his supporters come around to share the tell- tales of hatred for Saraki, tell them, their Oga’s enemy is nemesis. You may show them the thickness and the strongness of what may come aftermath too.

But tell them to drop the names of those they have been calling around, that’s foolhardy and dimwitted!
A certain AA, Yahya, Oloriegbe, LOM, MM and others are bonafide Ilorin sons. They see Saraki as a big brother. For every time I have engaged them, I haven’t heard one cursed Saraki for once. What I have however discovered in all of them is an undeniable fact that they have big zeal,passion, vision and drive for Kwara state. So how could they be hating Saraki?

Unless he is an enemy of Kwara state, I see no reason why either the people or the opposition leaders hate Saraki except his past, because nothing defines a man better than his character which is apparent that the Leader has been viewed, assessed and done with.

So I presume Saraki should continue strutting his stuffs without letting hatred and division become his trade – in- stock.

Until tomorrow reveals something much meaningful, I have found nothing worthwhile today to be afraid of by our mighty Leader, of course, except his bad records and bad perception by the public. And if I were him I would face the business of politics and hope for the good.

But a bad product do not sell twice…there may not be another time!

So let our people judge, let the People’s will prevail. The judgement day is nigh.

But no one hates the Senate President, they have only showed loving Kwara more than him.

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