Senator Dino Melaye’s travail, Kwarans react.


The name Dino Melaye in Nigeria politics today needs little or no introduction, having served as a former house of representative member during the Jonathan’s regime where he strongly opposed Jonathan’s government, he is currently a Nigeria senator and a member of the 8th National Assembly representing Kogi West senatorial district of Kogi State.

Since his assumption into office in 2015 under the plartform of All Progressive Congress, his political career has not been spared of scandals and accusations.

As a senator, it was alleged that Melaye continued to operate a checking and savings account with a US bank, in violation of Nigeria law, a report he has not denied. Nigeria’s Code of Conduct Bureau strongly and clearly prohibits the use of foreign accounts by elected and public officials.

Though, his graduation from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria was eventually authenticated by the school’s Vice-chancellor, when invited to the floor of the senate chamber after several controversies, he is known to be stubbornly loyal to the Senate President and always ready to sacrifice to the very brim for him.

Melaye was also reported to have repeatedly dodged questions that he operates these bank accounts, despite evidence provided including transaction dates, bank statements, card numbers, and location of the transactions.

The senator characteristically has accused the governor of “shooting the moon and boxing the air.” and also once threatened to beat up and “impregnate” the wife of the National leader of the All Progressive Congress, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, who is also a member of the 8th senate.

However, the senators was recently arrested by the Nigeria Police on account of purchasing fire-arms for criminals, in connection with murder. He was reported to have jumped out of the moving police van in an attempt to escape, but was eventually rearrested at an hospital were he was receiving treatment in Abuja.

This generated a nation-wide outburst with Kwarans also joining the rest of the country in expressing their divergent opinions on the travail of the senator during an weekly online discussion organised by THE INFORMANT247, tagged People’s Opinion.

Speaking during the delibration, Mr. Abdulrozaque Ahmad in his opinion said, “Dino with his stylistic technique of resisting arrest has disgraced himself and he deserved every bit of humiliation that was meted on him. The police have the right to effect arrest, invite, interrogate, detain anyone upon an appropriate order or upon reasonable suspicion (reasonable suspicion is a question of fact). And Dino Melaye is not an exception here.”

“By resisting arrest and generating unnecessary dramas, he is even obstructing justice and hence, delaying the speedy dispensation of justice Nigeria is always vying to attain”

Speaking further, Abdulrozaque said, “We are equal before the law, common men on Nigerian streets experience arrest almost all the time, whether legally or not, they get to court to hear their cases. As of the time of arrest, they totally submit themselves to the law enforcement agencies. Dino Melaye should have noted where and when his rights are being violated then bring it up against the police later. He is too big to be eliminated without questioning or traces.”

“I’m not unaware of the political undertone. Irrespective of the gimmicks in exhibition, the law should always prevail.”

Another comments from comrade Nurudeen is of the opinion that”Sen. Dino Malays is a radical as we are all know that… But in recent time there is a lot of criticism of the present Government by so called DINO, which I think the political stakeholders are not okay with”

While Comrade Jaji in his opinion brought us to a statement he repeatedly made during his travail. In his word he said”After his failed suicide, he did also say “I can kill myself and put you all in trouble.” This is a sign of unrespo


The newly elected POGASS, President, University of Ilorin and a former Senate President, National Association of Kwara State Students, Comr. Mendula said, “Nigeria is rule by cabal,to me Dino is just catuality of war. The same kogi state govt that sue Dino melaye also import guns and military kit illegally without due process but because is FEC agenda deodorant is use to kill the issue but Dino is not on FEC page then Insecticide will be use, we should not be surprised if senator Sheu Sanni also fall in to the same situation because it is all about 2019 and personal interest not for Nigeria citizen”

Another contributor, Mr. Yahaya Ramadan revealed, “In my opinion, I don’t think there’s any controversy as regards behaviours of SDM. His behaviours are what is not expected of a lawmaker. However, we shouldn’t shy away from the fact that SDM is one of the few senators that still ensure the sustenance of democracy in our country. If you’ve been following the activities of the 8th Senate, you would notice and realise SDM is a vibrant and hardworking senator. He contributes to issues and bring up issues personally. He opened the eyes of the masses to a lot of corruption being perpetrated by the executive arm. Also, we can look at his challenges from the political angle. Though, I wouldn’t like to delve into it.”

Equally contributing during the discussion is Mr. Jolayemi Farouq Olawale, he stated,
“Let me first of all say that to me Dino Melaye is a senator worth emulating although only in the senatorial realm… But cascading into the aspect of character, he falls short of the status quo.

Like I always say, Professor Wole Soyinka once said that our politicians need to go through psychiatric tests before contesting elections. It sounded as if he was just blabbing, but as we speak , that hypothesis or should I say suggestion is manifesting as Nigerian political realm is full of maniacs. From a President that can say his wife belongs to the kitchen and the other room , the senator that jumped from a van in motion or senators that claimed monkeys doled away with money.. They’re all crazy…

Dino, to me.. Like I said earlier is worth emulating in the senatorial realm as I can say he is less corrupt compared to other Machiavellian and mephistophelean senators in the house. He agitated for the decrease in the moutaineous salary senators get from government. And so many things he’s done..

Does he deserve to be arrested by the police?? Yeah…

If the rule of law propounded by AV Dicey must manifest in Nigeria, then senators also can be arrested on the heinous offences he was alleged. He was linked to an assassination attempt. That deserved an arrest.

Meanwhile, as a Senator, he should not be treated in that sardonically saddistic and exasperating manner he was treated by the police. He was embarrassed, made to sit on the bare floor.

Mind you, After jumping from the van in motion, Dino was also charged for attempted suicide which I believe he also deserves an arrest..however, I believe the police are not objective enough with their arrests.. Re arresting someone on a stretcher after granted a bail is inhumane.. Although, I believe there is a hand by Yahyah Bello in this imbroglio …..

Anyways ,I strongly believe he should be relieved from this unnecessary headache and allowed to go in peace.. Recently ,he was condemned to 5 weeks in police custody which I believe is totally unnecessary” Speaking further after being asked to point his assertion well, he also mentioned that “Of course, he should be given a fair treatment. How (would the world) see our senator being made to sit on the bare ground in the middle of an arrest? That looks more or less like a “jungle arrest”. Our police need orientation”

“Well, Not only Nigerian politics, but African politics as a whole is in trouble. The world knows African politics as barbaric and chaotic, at least every year, we must have a case of assault in a legislative house of a country.”

“Nigeria is a very bad example of a giant, if our mace isn’t stolen, senators would beat the heck out of their destinies. The hallow chambers would metamorphosed​ into a WWE ring and Dino Melaye becoming the cerebral Assassin, Triple H all of a sudden, it’s pathetic.”

The Vice-President of the National Association of Nigerian Students, Kwara state chapter, Comr. Abdullateef Olororo maintained that the senators arrest is being influenced by the presidency in an attempt to undermined the power of the Saraki-led Senate.

“Senator Dino is an active and effective senator in the house, l’m not disputing the police legality to arrest him but he should be considered due to his health status and release from police custody, he should be grant a medical attention because the injury sustained during the course of his arrest. This heinous act that is happening to SDM have presidency influenced and SDM is being punished sequel to his loyalty to Senate President (Dr Bukola Saraki) to my own perspective.”

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