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Politics of appointment and the Kwara APC’s headache, what will AA do?

SALIHU, Ayatullahi

One may think after the presidential and governorship general election, politics is over and maybe, the time for governance may set in, but any political “guru” will tell that the politics just began. The real internal politics, the jungle of the insiders and the fight for survival. Afterall, it’s time to enjoy the juicy part of a long battle, who will not want to taste the honey.

However, except for a well managed internal fight, it may escalate and lead to a crises that may affect the expected performance from the zealous electorates.

In 2015, after the emergency of the first opposition candidate at the centre government since the return of democracy, President Buhari arguably faced more internal crises than most of his predecessors. Firstly, waiting for about 6 months before coming up with a ministerial list -where he cross many party leaders – to the crises of the national assembly leadership among several others. It was a fight that almost consumed his government and threatened his re-election bid.

Obasanjo was also faced with a very lot of internal politics uoon assumption into office. His deputy, Atiku Abubakar also make love almost unbearable for him in the composition of the cabinent memebers, likewise Jonathan and even the rugged military administrators aren’t spared of this.

The recent victory of the All Progressive Congress in Kwara state came to many national and local political gladiator as shcoking. Many believed the Saraki hagemony that had been controlling the state for decades cannot be easily defeated. But the reverse was the case when the political lord was ” beaten blue-black” in his comfort zone. While anyone cannot lay claim to the victory of bringing down Saraki – a rugged national figure – its a task the whole Kwara made successful.

Mayhap, while the Saraki’s camp has not fully recovered from the shocking defeat that greeted them in the presidential and governorship election, the camp of the All Progressive Congress is engrossed – in a relative term – a very strong internal crises that may set the whole house ablaze like a time-line bomb.

The fight for the house leadership has been rumbling the progressive house that the APC had to threatened her members.

“The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State has banned its members from making any public statement concerning speakership position of the incoming State House of Assembly.”

“The State Chairman of the party, Hon Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa made this statement against the backdrop of the internecine war fuelled by supporters of members jostling for the headship of next Kwara State House of Assembly(KWHA).”

“Omolaja in a statement issued said the comments by overzealous supporters of members for the Speakership position and that of opponents of such aspirations are becoming embarrassing to the party, warning all to sheath their swords and work for the collective interest of the party.”

“He added that the party is built on the collective aspirations for a new Kwara and  would be guided appropriately in the choice of members for strategic positions that would enhance good governance and democratic dividends for Kwarans.”

“He therefore warned that any member, irrespective of his status who fails to adhere to this media ban shall be sanctioned appropriately.”

Out of the speakership race, the fight for key appointment – may at this point – be dividing the house. Some argue they worked tirelesly for the party’s success, a majority say they are competent while another set claimed to be loyal. What can make any “something-elect” more mad than this?

It will also be observed that in the build-up of the progressive house, a lot of group teamed up to work for victory. Different governorship candidate have their very strong respective camps, among which the AbdulRasak’s seems to be weakest early into the primary. Luckily after emerging in a most controversial way that almost “bombed” the APC, they all agreed to work collectively to send out the Saraki dynasty and settle “scores” after victory, thus having a long unending list of campaign and transition Committe Members.

The “settlement” is however causing a crack in the wall, will the house eventually collapse? Will it be mended? And what will AA do to get overwhelming control of a competent cabinent in the face of “eagle-looking” party members and leaders who are hungry for appointments? Will he choose to have a cabinent that will work for the electorate or party leaders? Only time will tell!

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