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Outburst over Kwara Varsity Student Union election

...reports indict NANS/Kwara Axis, Chairman; Dean, Student Affairs Unit as part of the conspiracy



There was wide outbursts following the just concluded Student Union election of the Kwara State University, Malete over the allegded irregularities that mar the election.

The Student Union, only approved last year after several agitations by the student, is of the purpose of representing the students both within the institution and externally, including on local and national issues.

However, the electioneering process which seems not be be very appealing to the student caused wide outburst as student accused the school management of imposing candidate on them.

Speaking with a student of the Faculty of Communication and Information Technology who pleaded not to be named said, “This is not the first time the school management will be imposing on us, imaging a candidate disqualified only 30minutes to start of election so that they can slot their candidate in. This is very bad and we are demanding justice”

The Informant247 correspondent however gathered that one of the two presidential aspirants, is an “adopted” son of Dr. Abubakar Alaro, the Dean of the school student Affairs unit, which prompted the disqualification his strong contender, Mr. Abdulbasit AbdulRahman of the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, who was perceived to be ahead of the Dean’s son, by the school political analysts.

With the fear that this will not be accepted by Abdulbasit loyalist and may eventually cause an outbreak, the school management allegedly framed up a security report against him citing as evidence his Manifesto speech were he was reported to have said “he will, with the support of the vigilante and OPC, curbs the incessant attacks on students” saying it was a threat on the school security.

Having been dropped out of the game, he was made to sign, under duress, an undertaken, not to challenge the school management on whatsoever the outcome of the election is, and also caution his numerous supporters.

This plan was, according to an insider who is a top official at the school student affairs unit, perfected on the eve of the election day together with the kwara NANS JCC chairman, AbdulKadir Uthman who was a very strong ‘boy’ of the vice chancellor, and the Godfather of KWASU Student politics.

The insider revealed, “the Dean, at first wanted to relax the power on AbdulKadir, who is now an Alumnus, and close “boy” of the Vice-chancellor, but were eventually cautioned because they felt he would be useful in covering them up against external bodies interference, once the deed is done, thus, that’s how Fodio (AbdulKadir Uthman) came into the game.”

The insider continued, “the Vice-chancellor also at the innitially stage wasn’t aware of the plan, but was eventually briefed with framed up evidence against that guy (Abdulbasit). An unknown student, who didn’t participate in any of the electioneering process including manifesto, was then lured to join the race so as not to have an unopposed presidential race”

Reports revealed that the opponent of the Dean’s son during the last election, when contesting for the Student Union Financial Secretary, was also screened out to pave way for him to emerge unopposed despite all odds. A occurrence which made other Aspirants dropped their ambitions when he eventually declared his intent to run for Presidency.

The NANS/JCC chairman, who was said to be enjoying a greater deal of the student union bounty couldn’t avail himself the opportunity to work with the Dean in imposing another candidate as information unveils, that being the Godfather of KWASU politics uncovers a lot of opportunities for him including using the allegedly Student Union bus for NANS program and his personal use and was even said to have demanded 50% of any amount given to the Union by a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr. Ola-Olu Ali, during the lunching of a journal in his honour.

“Though, Fodio(AbdulKadir Uthman) has graduated since 2017, but still being used by the school to usurp the students’ interests”- a student who pleaded anonymity uncovered.

The National​ Association of Universities Students while reacting to this, in a statement signed by the National President, Comr. Lawal A. Adebayo, described it as totally unacceptable. “It is totally wrong for top functionaries of kwara state University management (Kwasu) to maliciously disqualified a legit and law abiding candidate, whose interest represent the genuine students interest”

Tasking the management to set up a committe to look into it, he said, “An injustice in kwasu is an injustice everywhere and am very certain No Nigeria law and constitution give any constituted Nigeria Universities Staff the right to determine who must emerge in students Union election, it is on this note, We are ringing a bell of warning to every part of the management member who has taking it upon he or herself to ensure their candidate emerge to with immediate effect desist from such act or face the wrath of the comrades and students at large, because we have the necessary machinery to oppress whosoever that oppressed us, to challenge any authority that intimidate us.”

“However, we would like to suggest to the vice chancellor to immediately set up a committee that would investigate what has transpired in the disqualification process of Comr. AbdulRaman AbdulBasit, In other to bring peace and Tranquility to the University community.”

Meanwhile, the National Association of Kwara State Students (NAKSS) in a statement issued and jointly signed by Comr. Musa Mohammed Mancha, Sen. Ahmad El-Imam, and Comr. Salihu Ayatullahi at the weekend, described the action as an infringement on student rights.

“Following calls from several angles on the alleged irregularities that mar the just concluded Student Union election of the Kwara state University, Malete, as a body entrusted with the responsibility of defending and standing for the the interest of every of her members, the leadership of the National Association of Kwara State Student, National Headquaters, having studied the election reports critically, is hereby requesting the management of the Kwara State University, Malete to; Produce a very valid and worthy reason(s) for the screening out of one of the two presidential Aspirants, Abdulbasit AbdulRahman of the department of Medical Laboratory Science MLS on election day.”

“It is very pertinent to note that we are well abreast-with evidence- of what transpired on the election day which prompted the screening out of Abdulbasit AbdulRahman, thereby imposing a President on the student and denying them their fundamental rights of voting and being voted for.”

“Failure to heed to above stipulated condition within the next 48-hour would warrant the National Headquaters of the National Association of Kwara State Students (Both the Senate and Executives Council) to move our secretariats to Malete campus of Kwara State University and the school should be ready to accommodate 10,000 students, which we fear may bring an avoidable standstill to the school.”

When contacted for comments, the NANS/Kwara Axis Chairman, Mr. Uthman AbdulKadir, said he will get back to our correspondent but didn’t till time of filling this report.

Meanwhile, Mr Abdulbasit when contacted for comment also said he will get back to us, but close associates revealed that he has been threatened by the school management not to react on the issue.

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