Offa Robbery, Picture-post: We are Neither Thugs nor Armed Robbers – GreatKay

A renowned media advocate for the Senate President, Abdurahman Kayode Abdullahi popularly known as GreatKay on behalf of the Senate President Media and Advocacy team, reacted bitterly on a picture-post tagged “Offa Armed Robbers and their godfather/sponsored”.

He described working with Senate President Saraki as honour and rewarding experience

However, GreatKay rained curses on social media blackmailer for being castigated in bad light.

Read the full text as made available to The Informant247:

Kwaran Youth Distances Self From Offa Robbery, Rains Curses On Blackmailers

The social media blackmailers:We are not thugs, we are not robbers, we are men of known integrity

My attention has been drawn to a picture-post tagged “Offa Armed Robbers and their godfather/sponsor”.

Having worked with Senate President Saraki on Media and Advocacy has been a fantastic and rewarding experience because he enjoys and encourages an enterprising mind.

Being associated with him is a honour, but being castigated in bad light because of my association with the Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki is soul repulsing as to make me wonder what lurks in the mind of slanderers and blackmailers like Aiyekoto Akindele and his acomplices, who are hell bent on tarnishing a hard earned good public image, all in the name of playing dirty politics against the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki and his associates.

I appreciate all my extended family and friends, civil rights organisations and social acquiantances that have been showing positive concerns since the derogatory picture-post came out.

To put the records straight, the pictures in question was a pixmix of pix taken at the Wedding introduction ceremony of the Senate President Bukola Saraki’s daughter in Ilorin, another one depicting some of my colleagues and I with the Senate President Bukola Saraki and a solo picture of myself.

My colleagues and I have no connection whatsoever with the Offa robbery and the robbers. You may even need to know, all of us have never seen those heartless Offa bandits in our entire lives.

We are not thugs, we are professionals in different pro-developmental occupations. If finding young men of our incorruptible values as Sarakites is what is giving you headache that drove your calumnious campaign against us, then the headache shall permeate your household forever.

I am handing him/her (the writer or sharer of the picture post) to the almighty Allah who is the judge of all who seeks to destroy a good image created and sustained by Allah.

I am Abdurahman Kayode Abdullahi GreatKay


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