Now I Know Why It’s Always Lagos Oriental Hotel.

The flight from Maiduguri to Lagos was tiresome, as we unexpectedly made two stopovers, one at Abuja, and the other at Ilorin, annoyingly, we landed at the Muritala International Airport two hours late.

I was relieved when the air hostess announced our arrival, I hurriedly left my seat and reached out to Lakadri and Titilope, my team members that came with me to defend our waste disposal proposal.

We briskly walked away from the terminal and accosted a Uber, it was then I remembered that the hotel Ngozi booked for us was on the Island, Lekki to be precise, again, I was pissed!

I had asked her to book an hotel around Maryland, since we were to defend our proposal by 11 a.m the next morning at a multinational company situated around Bode Thomas, but she insisted that it had to be Lagos Oriental Hotel.

I acutely rejected her suggestion, but she was adamant and a little convincing, I had no choice than to agree, now it’s me and my team that would suffer the stress, all I could think of was the traffic that lies ahead, we spent an estimated two hours fifteen minutes, at last, we arrived the Hotel, and went straight to bed.

Titilope and Lakadri’s knock on my door woke me up at exactly 6:45 a.m, they woke up famished, unsurprisingly, I was hungry too, we placed a call to the room service and ordered our meals, Titilope noticed a coffee maker in the room, and made a coffee for herself, Danladi was more interested in the football highlights displayed on the flat LCD screen in the room, I also took that time to freshen up in the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, I found a new toothbrush, comb, shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, bathrobe, and slippers, it was a scenario of home away from home, I had my bath in about ten minutes, and when I came out, my team mates were already devouring their meals, I thought to myself, what a fast room service delivery!

After eating, I asked Titilope of the price of our meals, the answer left me agape, the room rates are inclusive of breakfast, I also found out there were free drinks in the room’s mini bar. In the middle of the ecstasy, I tried messaging Ngozi but found out that my data plan had expired midnight, I requested Titilope to switch on her hotspot for me, she obliged, and as soon as I put on my Wi-Fi to connect, I found out that the hotel had free Wi-Fi.

The incredible view of the Lagoon from my room and its proximity to
The palms mall and Nike art gallery all made me fall in love more with the hotel, all thanks to Ngozi for booking for us via , now I know why it’s always Lagos Oriental Hotel.

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