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Many Nigerians have been brainwashed, blindfolded and subjugated to the extreme level where by they rarely think forward about their own existence other than how Alhaji Abubakar Atiku or President Muhammadu Buhari would emerge as the number one citizen of Nigeria in the forthcoming general election. Neither Atiku nor Buhari, their is need for an alternative in our system. The two aspirants are due for retirement in a democratic system arena. Why?

Anyone that is above seventy years irrespective of his exposure and wealth is old enough for retrenchment. Anyone above 70 years can never be compared with someone at 40s. In adduce to the holy book, when one is above 60, 70 years, the brain, strength, ability and capability of doing things would start to diminish. This fact has been proven beyond science. The dwindling nature of human being at this age is far beyond academic status and physical exercises. It comes naturally.

This is exactly the nature of our two major Presidential candidates contesting under two major political parties in Nigeria. President Buhari is already above seventy years and directly or indirectly, his mental, physical and psychological ability to carry the heavy load of Nigeria is absolutely below his strength. Let us forget about the corrupt cabals around him here, his age is not favourable anymore. President Buhari should be resting at home by now while he enjoys pension and returns from his children. Unfortunately, Baba is finding all means to find his way back to Aso Rock forgetting that Nigeria of military regime is totally different from Nigeria of today.

Similarly, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku has been striving hard to mount the presidential seat. I wonder what Atiku is still looking for at 70s. Atiku reeks money; stinkingly rich and still wants more wealth. Human nature is highly insatiable. Atiku had once been in power as Vice President during Obasanjo’s regime. If Atiku cannot achieve the best for Nigerians as Vice President with Obasanjo for the eight good years, I think it is too late for Atiku to embark on reviving and redeeming Nigeria at his 70s.

Irritably, many Nigerian youths cannot seize to be amazing with the way and manner they do carry the over aged politicians’ matter on their heads as if they are new in the system. Both Atiku and Buhari had tasted power before, held different offices and directly or indirectly, they are part and parcel of Nigerians’ problems. So, why the much interest in recycling the old schools

I have read many arguments and criticisms on social media against the two Presidential aspirants. One of the major criticisms leveled against President Buhari was based on Waec certificate saga. Many critics opined that President Buhari does not posses O’Level result. Let us roger that! Certificate does not measure performance in politics.

At the same time, Atiku is being criticised for amassing wealth via corrupt routes and therefore, not suitable to rule the country. The fact still remains that corruption can never be right off in Nigeria. Everyone looks for how one thousand naira would turn to two. Government officials and representatives always think about packing money to feed their unborn generations. How on earth can we now have a corrupt free Nation? leave cheap criticisms aside. Atiku and Buhari are outdated for democratic system of government. I cannot doubt their excellent performance if Nigeria still adopt military system because they rule by decree or edict without considering opinions. President Buhari has good mind but opinions of the party stakeholders and political aides cannot put his brain to order at that age. Nigerians need someone who is younger and agile that can reproduce diverse opinions and still take effective decision.

Unlike many other Nigerians who prefer our old schools candidates to stage presidential debate. As a matter of fact, Presidential debate is a trash in Nigeria that is full of empty discussions. Our problem is far beyond debate as it cannot measure their performances in any way. The perfect solution is to send them packing. It is not a must to vote for any Presidential candidate from APC or PDP. They are bird of a feather. Their knowledge and experience will never add anything to Nigeria other than untold hardship we have been going through. Their policies and plans
can never favour the poor masses other than their fellow capitalists. They can only make the rich to be richer and the poor to be poorer. Buhari and Atiku have done enough in our system. The solution to Nigeria problem is not Atiku nor Buhari. If anyone of the two eventually finds his way back to Aso Rock, the gown of our nightmare would still remain the same. Take it or leave it!

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