NAKSS: A body with uncountable secret(s), the dues, deals and controversies

The National Association of Kwara State Students is an indigenous student body in Kwara State promarily aimed to represent the students’ interest before the government.

It has been in existence over the years with influx of different set of individual to pilot the affair of the body. Consequently, they, aside other duties, champion the agitation for the release of the N5,000 bursary stipends paid to students across schools within and outside the state. In order to supervise the accessibility of the fund, the student body was “traditioned” to monitor the disbursement process to the satisfaction of students.

Though the union in recent past has encircled a number of intellectuals at the helm of affairs who prefer things to be done in natural sequence, however, it has birthed little or no effect as the body continue to luxuriat in deep controversy majorly at times of bursary disbursement.

A critical x-ray by THE INFORMANT247 into the cause of the controveray consequently leads to the uncovering of dirty secrets of the “disbursement deals”, tenure elongation and constitution kerfuffle.


Over the years, busrary meant for student have been benefited by some certain individuals from the government angle, the scholarship board and even the student body self-acclaimed to be fighting for students interest. It was uncovered that the governor has once proposed for bursary to be given to students in form of scholarship but this was kicked-against by the students body with the backing of powerful government officials who felt it may affect the “deals that comes from the show”. The governor who, was well informed of the irregularities that mar the process, was left with no other options than surrender to the wish of the students.

In furtherance, it’s was confirmed that 16percent of the burasry money legally goes to the student body pocket for capital project and running cost of the association, aside the “side cuts” that accompany the disbursement process.

According to close observer, it was gathered that the student body goes extra lenght to negotiate with the scholarship board to access more fund.


According to inside sources, the negotiation between the scholarship board and NAKSS is a top secret limited to one or two most powerful excos’, they goes into negotiation by granting unlimited and illegal access to the released fund without query. The scholarship board get a larger percentage of the money and drain the little rest, which according to our source always amount to millions, to the student body who in turn described the disbursement as being transparent in her aftermath reports.

With all this at the expenses of the students, how is this big deal covered up before the authorities?


Ordinarily, aside the usual open due and secret deal, the siurce allege cheque transaction is another way in which the most powerful executives unarguably the president rakes in money, the president is believed to go in for a negotiation with microfinance bank who will be in charge of money, the scholarship board issue cheques to student at spot of payment whole the banks paid the fund, however the bank culturally collect bank charges of some certain amount. Of this money, the lucky bank that won the contract will settle the president and some key executives with an agreed percent of the money.


Our source alleged that the scholarship board are the top on list, the ministry of finance, tertiary education and some officials at the state government house are also fingered in the plot, however, this claims are yet to be accetained.


A source that aftermath of payment, the list of students that benefitted from the bursary is designed to be transmitted to the government for accent. This is where the alleged cover-up ensued. Another source claimed, “Knowing fully well that the student paid are less than 50percent, they came up with list containing students names that were not paid, since no one will be there to confimed”

Though the disbursement is currently going on with no controversy at time of filling this report, the current executives of the union has called on students and interested individuals to write the EFCC in case of any irregularities.

However, THE INFORMANT247 has not been able to confirm reports from this year disbursement which is currently ongoing, but our CORRESPONDENT is closely monitoring the process and will come out with a detailed report.


Nevertheless another trait of the student body, aside the bursary, that visibly thretaened the future of the coming generation is the usual elongation of tenure by subsequent administration. A certain set of executives who felt “sweetened by goodies” in the association will decide to extend their time in office. A notable ex-president of the association was reputed to be an anti-elongation figure yet, he has little or no influence in the decision of enforcing the 365 days time in office.

This current administration has vowed not the elonagte tenure insisting they are transiting after 365 days in office.

A top executive member who pleaded anonymity while responding to questions from THE INFORMANT247 maintained that there will be no tenure elongation in this current administration saying they are working towards March.

In a statement on the association official website, he said though the constitution may be in conflict with the handing-over date, “the whole executives council has sworn an oath not to exceed 365 days in office.”

He further said, “the constitution stated the inauguration date to be June 6th but the constitution had to be ammended by the coming administration for a more visible day, however, for this administration, we are going by March. Anyone interested in staying longer should recontest, however it should also be noted that no single person can contest for more than two times”

He however stressed that the general election may affect some of the association electioneering activities, but the most important issue is that the transition will not be later than the last week of March.

It will be recalled that the immediate past administration used up to 2 years in office.

However, a few days count to March 1st will expose if they are keeping to their promise or not.


Another controversy that engulf the body lately is the alleged constitution review by the senate president. Though the constitution is believed to be marred with alot of errors and the call for review has been an endless one, the current plan for a review of the constitution has witness great outburst because of the NAKSS Senate NAKSS president position to zone the president seat from within the state capital and throw it open across the country. The reason for the president restriction to the state capital being for him to have unlimited time to attend to union’s need. Inside sources has uncovered that the NAKSS senate president, a student of Federal University, Minna wanted to contest for the presidential sit, unless he is able to review the constitution in his favor, his hope are dashed.

“Yes, he is planning to review the Constitution so that he can contest, we are monitoring closely and will go against any of such act because it is capable of undermining the functioning of the association, and we can not risk that for one individual interest. Though he may say he has 100 cards to play, let him play it and we teach him politics without being dirty” a high-ranking senator who pleaded anonymity revealed.

Is he achievable or not, what game is up? The entire student populace continue to observe!


Recently, there was controversy over the studentship of the NAKSS president, a letter from the school mamagement affirming his studentship however cut short the controversy.

Close obsevers note that the time of filling a letter to the school requestinv for the NAKSS president studentship was when the school portal was yet to be upgraded, but now, will be a good time to send such letter as every student protal is already indicating their fates.

“How will a medical student at the prestigious University of Ilorin have all the time in this world for unionism? How will he move around without going to school, how will he cope?” The source queried.

Nevertheless, the studentship controversy is not left to the president alone as some other executives have also graduated.

Are they to vacate office, a top source in the association said, “No, since we have less than two months to the end of this current tenure, they will continue, though there will be no tenure elongation.”

Whichever way it goes, NAKSS continue to remain a body of many secret(s).


Recently, it was over the air that the association is set to endorse a certain gubernatorial candidates in the state, however, the student body debunked the rumour.

In a statement released on the official website of the association, it says they have made investigation and no official of the association is ready to endorse anyone, “they may have their preferred candidates but definitely not on behalf of the association”

“After thorough investigation, we found it to be untrue and thereby call on the general public to disclaim such as it is not from the association”

“The party remain an apolitical body and any official involved in political activities is doing so on his personal capacity and not NAKSS behalf”

Whichever way it goes, NAKSS continue to remain a body of uncountable secret(s) and controversies.

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