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Maybe you are not ready! An Open Letter to Lukman Mustapha

By Anifowoshe Titilope LegalEagle

Dear Lukman Mustapha,
Thank you very much for bringing independent broadcasting to kwara. Thank you for giving journalism in kwara a new face. Maybe I’m disappointed with the birth of your governorship ambition barely one year after the establishment of Sobi FM. Your ambition makes it looks like Sobi FM isn’t a project for the revivification of broadcasting in Kwara, but a platform for “your own” branding. Well, that’s past and you are in the race already.

The activities of your campaign team especially your Ramadan gift to Kwarans has prompted me to pen down this short work for your attention. I hope this gets to you sir.

1. I know that politics is local and that stomach infrastructure still works in our kwara.
But don’t you think distributing rice with one’s picture boldly drawn on it during Ramadan defeats the essence of the gift in the first place ?
Maybe the above question bothers on morality.

2. Assuming without conceding that the rice wasn’t shared during Ramadan. If we condemn the stomach infrastructure why are we spending so much developing the same style we criticize ?
The cost of customizing a bag of rice and the bag of rice runs into N15,000 plus that’s close to the Nigerian minimum wage. Dear Lukman Mustapha, with the kind of innovative ideas your followers pride you with, I’m sure you can put more sustainable things in place of the hundreds of customized rice gift.

3. Modern Kwara politics was birthed by Dr Olusola Saraki, can we give him that big respect and focus on building the polity to make it better? Can you not wrestle with pigs and focus on our goals ? Can you stop using “their” style of propaganda and create your own style ?

4. Maybe You need to spend more time to observe the aspirations, needs and wants of kwarans. Maybe venturing into politics is beyond being financially buoyant. Maybe venturing into kwara politics is beyond hating the “Sarakis”. Maybe being the right choice for kwarans requires more work than social media bickering. Maybe being able to defeat the long hands of ABS is beyond spending money. Maybe winning the hearts of kwarans requires more than owning a broadcasting firm. Maybe it’s beyond the media. Maybe!
I hope you can decode every of my letters.

Warm Regards
Anifowoshe Titilope LegalEagle


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