Let’s Help Ibrahim beat Cancer

15 million Nigerians can donate 1naira each to save this poor lad.

By donating just a thousand naira and sharing this post, you have helped contribute to the success of this campaign.

Humanity demands this from you. Don’t sway it off. He lost his sister some few weeks ago to the same illness.

His old age mama is completely depressed. She wouldn’t have the courage to bear another shock any moment soon.

He has three younger ones to cater for.

He has three nieces of his late sister to cater for.

He has a poor old mama to cater for.

He has friends to put smile on their faces.

He has a career he’s pursuing.

He has family members that do not want him to go now.

Be a part of this campaign.

Let’s help Ibrahim live again.

Ibrahim must live.


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