Kwara By-election: You are only ridiculing the Senate -Barr. Kunle Sulyman fires Saraki

The pioneer Peoples Democratic Party chairman in Kwara State, Barr. Kunle Sulyman has fired the Senate president and leadership the the Senate over the use of the legislative power to prevent the security agent from performing their constitution duty of safeguarding the cotizen of the country.

He disclosed this during an exclusive interview with THE INFORMANT247 yesterday in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

The APC chieftain said the police has the responsibility of protecting and safeguarding the lives and properties of Nigerians and as such, should not be denied the duty for personal interest.

He maintain that the deployment of police for the by-election was rightly done considering the confession of some Offa armed robbers recently.

“They are only ridiculing the senate, they have their responsibility likewise the executives. The maintainance of law and order is the duty of the executive and not the senate. The inspector general of police needs not the permission of the senate before he performs his job. The incidence of the Offa robberywhich happened recently particularly in an election period in Kwara state were the accused admitted before the public that they are being sponsored to disrupt election. So when an election is about to hold in that particular contituency were the gang leader comes from, and the government owe the responsibility to protect lives and property.”

“The public confession that happens before the election warrant full presence of security agents in order to curb this anticipated violence. Therefore it shows the Senate president kicking against the presence of security agent means he is not concern about the security of the people of Kwara State. With the confession of the armed robbers, do you expect the police to fold their hands so that he can use the police to disrupt the election like they used to? So as it appears, the Senate and her leadership is only ridiculing itself.”

Reacting to the death of the principal suspect of the Offa robbery, he said, “the rumour that Micheal Adikwu, the principal suspect of the Offa robbery is dead at ten police custody, if it is true, the police should conduct a very serious investigation into what’s behind this incidence. This is a very sensitive case and the integrity of the police is at stake. If any of the suspect should die, particularly at this point in time, even when the court has said the senate president has a case to answer and one of the suspect should die, then the police has failed in his duty of safeguarding the lives and properties of the citizen.”

While appealing to the Police, he pleaded that they should be cautious of the safety of Nigerians.

“With what happened during the local government election and this recent By-election, it shows that the people of Kwara state are tired of his continuous control and rulership of the state.”

He continued, “The By-election is only a continuation of the expression of the people of Kwara State, therefore, in 2019 they are going to see the bigger one. We appeal to the security that Kwara is a flashpoint in 2019 and every Nigerian is focusing Kwara. There is double work in Kwara, because our opponent are known for violence, they did a very professional job in the By-election and more should be done in the forthcoming general election.”

It would be recalled that the last By-election held in Ekiti, Irepodun, Isin federal contituency of Kwara state recorded the All Progressive Congress polling about 21,000 to emerge winner ahead of their runner-up, the Peoples Democratic party who only polled about 18,000. However the Leadership of the PDP and the Senate president kicked against this and directed a Senate comitte on police affairs to investigate the alleged involvement of police to intimidate voters in the election.

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