Kwara 2019: Group urges Ali Ahmad to run for Governor.

A grassroots pressure group known as Kwara State Political Elites Group (KWAPEG) has called on Dr. Ali Ahmad to make himself available for the exalted seat of Kwara State Governor in the forthcoming elections in 2019.

According to the group whose members were drawn from the 16 local government areas of the state, the call was anchored on the need to have a patriot, a loyalist, experienced and intelligent man to take over the plum job of the incumbent Governor, Alh. Abdulfatah Ahmed.

A statement by the group’s coordinator, Abdulrasaq Taiye, who expressed his satisfaction on the charisma with which the Speaker conducts the affairs of the Kwara State House of Assembly.

The coordinator described most of the aspirants for governor so far as opportunist that care more about their interests, we cannot sit back, fold our hands and watch Saraki dynasty loose grip in the state because of the personal interest of very few people sabotaging the effort of the Leader, Senate President, Sen. Bukola Saraki.

He stated: “We should stop deceiving ourselves that all is well in Kwara PDP. We, the grassroots politicians knew that all is not well, as Yoruba adage says No one understands the language of a talking drum better than the man holding the drum stick”.

Speaking further, he said: “the group among other elites are confident with and harbor hopes and aspirations for the Hon. Ali Ahmad. Much of this comes from their belief in him, his fairness and his loyalty to Saraki dynasty.

While making reference to the events leading to the 2015 General Elections, he said “Dr. Ali Ahmad was ‘coming back home’ to contest the seat of Ilorin South State Constituency in the Kwara State House of Assembly, some sceptics who were apparently oblivious of the tradition of rewarding excellence in the Saraki dynasty frowned at the perceived ‘demotion’. However, Dr. Ali Ahmad, the man at the centre of it all saw it as a call to serve his people in another capacity. To him, service is service, irrespective of the capacity in which it is rendered.

“Considering his pedigree, his open door policy, his conduct, loyalty and achievements as an outstanding Federal law maker and the Speaker, Kwara State House of Assembly, the group has as such identify Dr. Ali Ahmad as such a right candidate that will be accepted by all”.

He said: “The group also prayed that a leadership like Dr. Ali Ahmad’s kind of charisma and intellect should be elected to continue Saraki’s legacy in 2019”.


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