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Ilorin first female professor from Gambari: Mallam Sanni cites at TYM Annual Get together

Ibrahim Mohammed Funsho

A socio-cultural group in the capital city of Kwara State, Ilorin popularly known as The Youths Movement (TYM) held the fourth edition of its annual end of Ramadan convention on Wednesday, 5th June, 2019 at Okesuna LEA Primary School to mark the end of the Ramadan Fasting.

In his opening speech, the Chairman of the progressive association, Arc. Ilias Sanni, expressed his sincere gratitude to the almighty Allah.

“All praises and adorations are due to none but Almighty Allah, The Beginning without an End, The Alpha and Omega, The Creator without a creator, The Most Gracious , The Most Merciful. The Master planner of every event in whose glory event come to pass. May His Blessings and Mercy be on the noble prophet Muhammad (SAW), his household, his companions and the generality of Muslims. Amin.”

He further stressed that the association is a non-political establishment found to advance the principle of communal unity and progress among it members and to as well drive socio-economic developments to the community. Arc. Sanni disclosed that the movement was started as the Ode-wokili Mosque Youths with the principal objective of monitoring the refurbishment of the mosque, with time, it metamorphosed into The Youth Movement.

While Highlighting the various live-changing community development projects and programmes the movement had executed since its inception the chairman mentioned the following projects and programmes;

(1) The Mounting of street lights from Ojagboro junction to Okesuna.

(2) Facilitation and maintenance of the community motorized borehole donated by Sanni family at Ode-wokili mosque.

(3) Identifying and numbering of houses in the community.

(4) Giving health care to less privileged members of the community in conjunction with Alhaja Haleeemat Ajoke Yusuf.

(5) Procurement of JAMB/ NECO forms for indigenous brothers and sisters.

(6) Loan facilities to petty traders in our domain.

(7) Joint sharing of cow during eid ul kabir.

(8) Economic empowerment to members of the community.

During his speech, Arc. Sanni revealed that the movement will consolidate it efforts to reshape its community as it is planning to mount more street lights and establish a Quran memorization centres for young people in the community.

After his opening speech the chairman invited the guest speaker, Mallam Razak Sanni to deliver his lecture, while delivering his lecture speech titled;

“Towards a Sustainable Development Role of the Youth”, he hinged his lecture on the cosmopolitan, heterogeneous and ancient conditions of the Ilorin society which was characterized by low value for education and social development deficiency.

Assessing Ilorin’s current academic and social developments, Mallam Razak Sanni, recounted that a huge milestone has been achieved compared to what was obtainable several years back.

He continued by admonishing the youth not to be tools that should be used for social vices and iniquities by politicians.

To mark the closure of his lecture, the guest speaker recommended that, the youth should broaden their intellectual horizon by striving to get education. To further motivate the youth, he cited the academic achievement of Professor Shukurat Adunni Sanni, as the first Ilorin-Born female Professor of Agricultural Economy in Ilorin, she is from Isale Gambari.

The Youth Movement, thus seized the opportunity to present a congratulatory letter to Dr. Rabiu Sulyman as he bagged a doctorate degree.

The chairman of the movement made his closing remark by appreciating individuals who had indirectly contributed to the accelerated growth of the movement through their constructive criticism.

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