An hospital attendant and an Islamic cleric have found themselves at the Ilorin magistrate court after a transaction involving the exchange of a baby’s placenta was exposed. The Informant247 has gathered.

The case was filed at the magistrate court by Inspector Ibrahim Ozovehe and his team of the criminal investigation and intelligence department (CIID).

The two (2) suspects are by name Suleiman Fatima (Hospital Attendant) and Ibrahim Salahudeen (Islamic Cleric), the latter is 39yrs old and lives at No. 17 Abdulazeez road, Agaka, Ilorin while the former is 35yrs old and also lives around Agaka area. They were both charged thus: CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT OFFENCE, BUYING, SELLING, AND TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN PARTS AND POSSESSION OF HUMAN PARTS FOR USE AS CONTRARY TO SECTION NINE (9), ONE (1) AND TWO (2) OF THE KWARA STATE PROHIBITION OF DEALING IN HUMAN PARTS LAW NO. FOUR (4) OF 2018.

It was gathered from reliable sources that one Dr. Mohammed Jamiu Mohammed, a medical doctor with Capstone Hospital along Ibrahim Taiwo road, Ilorin, reported the case at the ‘B’ division police station on the 1st day of November, 2018.

Dr. Mohammed Jamiu Mohammed stated that he performed a caesarean section on a woman by name Mrs. Jimoh Bashirah that was referred to the hospital from General hospital Ilorin on the 31st day of October, 2018, and after a successful operation, he handed over the placenta of the baby of Mrs. Jimoh Bashirah to the hospital attendant, with an instruction that she should in turn hand it over to the biological father of the baby by name Mr. Abdulfatai.

He further stated that instead of Suleiman Fatima to hand over the placenta to Mr. Abdulfatai who happens to be the biological father of the baby, she refused to do so but instead hid it in an undisclosed location, he therefore reported the case to the police for proper investigation to be carried out.

After a detailed investigation at the criminal investigation and intelligence department (CIID), it was discovered that the hospital attendant later handed over the baby’s placenta to one Ibrahim Salahudeen for charm preparation for an undisclosed amount, she later confessed to the crime.

The cleric on his part also confessed to obtaining the baby’s placenta from the hospital attendant, and admitted that he wanted to use it for goodluck charms, but did not later use the placenta as instructed but disposed it off at a drainage along Surulere bridge to cover up his transaction with the hospital attendant.

The CIID team then conducted a search on Ibrahim salahudeen’s house at No. 17 Abdulazeez road, Agaka, Ilorin and recovered an exercise book on how to prepare charms, a photocopy paper on how to use placenta to make money charms and other criminal charms was also found at his residence.

The magistrate court after listening to the case ordered them to be remanded at the police custody and adjourned the case.


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