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Gale of Defection: In politics, the more we are, the merrier – Bar. Senior Sulyman

Bar. Senior Sulyman, an  Abuja based Ilorin born Legal Practitioner who was an house of Assembly aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Cordinator of Kwarans Residing in Abuja who recently endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari and all A.P.C candidates in Kwara State.

What can you say on the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria

Glory be to God that Nigerians once again made the right choice. I will also commend Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC for conducting a free, fair and credible polls, and will advise those that lost the election to pursue their grievances, if any? within the armbit of the law, and not listen to self-serving advise of forming a parallel Government.

I will also plead with  President Muhammadu Buhari to be magnanimous in victory, because irrespective of the political party, we are all stakeholders in the project for a better Nigeria.

Sir, On Kwara APC Victory and the Gale of Defection in the State, what is your take on it?

Firstly we thank God that the election was peaceful, free and fair.

The victory was God given, it is a confirmation of the popular saying that every thing that definitely has a begining must surely have an end. A lot of factors were responsible for the success at the poll like insensitivity of the ruling elites in the state to the plight of the members, membership registration and the direct primaries of the APC which necessitates every aspirant to go round the State to campaign to the electorate, it gives the electorates a sense of commitment of being involved in the process of chosing the APC candidates, so the candidates became popular, as opposed to the delegate(s) primary election of the PDP in the State which the electorates are not directly involved.

Finally, the conventional campaign mode was jettisoned by the APC in the state, for taking the campaign message directly to the electorates house to house; so the victory was well deserved.

As regards the gale of defections to the APC, it is not a surprise, because in politics people tend to align where there is likelihood of success.

The defectors to the APC are welcomed, because in politics, the more we are, the merrier; it is an indication that come March 9, 2019 , APC in Kwara State will by the grace of God have more than 67 percent of the votes cast gotten in the first election.

I will like to use this medium to congratulate all our national assembly candidates for emerging the representatives of their various constituencies at the 9th National Assembly.

And to the  team Kwara PDP, we are all brothers and sisters in different clothes, the National Assembly election is a no victor, no vanquish, it is important for us all to join hands together for the development of Kwara State.

Barely few days to Gubernatorial and House of Assembly election, what is your advice for Kwarans

It is important to keep the momentum going, Kwarans have done it in 2015 and can still be repeated, by given the APC all elective positions in Kwara State.

For instance, the Kwara State Private Executive Amendment Law which provides millions of naira, including houses for Governors and their Deputies, which the APC candidate promised to repeal in Kwara requires the nod of the state house of assembly.

Consequently, it is important to vote all APC house of assembly candidates for easy passage of laws that will fast track the development of the State. A comfortable majority in the house of assembly by the APC will make governance easier for the incoming government.

I used this avenue to appeal to all Kwarans that it is not yet over, until it is over; as we came out on 23rd February, 2019, to cast our votes, it is important we also come out on March 9, 2019 to vote for all APC candidates.

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