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If Leadership was an Art, the Master would be a vintage LOM. – IAK.

In the next few years after this time must have become stories in the pages of books and accounts in the passage of time, and the Kwara Liberation struggle document its hills and valleys, ups and downs – the wins, and the losses and the gains become a folklore on the lips of the people, from stead to stead, hamlet to hamlet, villages to towns, cities to states within and outside the country, the chronicle would forever be flawed, incorrect and unacceptable without many chapters amply dedicated to the Rebirth Captain, Mallam Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha ( LOM).

Since his time at the erstwhile opposition party in the state, PDP, to the patriotic defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mallam Lukman Mustapha has demonstrated enough passion, resilience and commitment to this struggle arguably more than anyone. At a count of his inputs to the success of his party and the people, the contributions are at best described as priceless and invaluable.

What was perhaps the height of nobility, dignity and magnanimity was his wholesome acceptance of the party’s will after the much controversial gubernatorial primaries as a first among equal. With that singular act, Mallam Lukman Mustapha difussed the political bombs of the Kwara’s slave master, Saraki and cronies, who had expected things to fall apart in the party, and opened the eyes of the whole world to another brand of politics in Kwara state with his spirits of sportsmanship and selflessness – politics of comradeship; above the political norms of politics of interest. The events unfolding after that rare leadership gestures further positioned the astute banker and reputable accountant, as the ordained Captain of the Liberation struggle.

To a Sun like LOM, there has been no place like an enemy’s spot, his brilliance, resourceful and political wealth has been a radiating brightness illuminating every available spaces of the party’s structure. There’s virtually no aspirant his arms of brotherhood hasn’t reached starting with the historical victory of the All Progressives Congress ( APC) in the HoR bye elections of Ekiti/ Isin/ Irepodun/ Oke ero Constituency. It was largely a success because of the mighty inputs of the party leaders, the Rebirth Captain inclusive. The moral and financial support given to the party’s candidate was unquantifiable and largely commendable. And all these were not enough to him.

Mallam Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha is a relentless servant leader genuinely committed to the growth and development of the good people of Kwara state. And one special way he’s relentlessly shown that is through an unmatched and uncommon display of team spirit and team work. I want to believe it’s not flamboyance, arrogance, superciliousness and haughtiness to inform the populace of a great man’s exploit, because even a good man’s account would always be bad when told by bad people. Lukman Mustapha’s resourcefulness, wide political base and most importantly, the amplifying effects of his high- flying radio station Sobi Fm, before and during the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo’s visit to Kwara state cannot be over- emphasized. Perhaps classy would define his performance!

If Leadership was truly an Art, the Master would be a vintage LOM!

For no demands, Mallam Lukman Mustapha has continually performed the role of the Captain, skilled, adept and industrious enough to steer the ship of the struggle to success.

During the highly successful and colourful APC Presidential Campaign Visit to Kwara State, he was the able and capable Chairman, Protocol Committee. And the orderliness, peaceful, serene and sightly order of events as evident by the successful staging of the program speaks highly of the indefatigable servant leader whose pocket is never too thin to aid the cause. Mallam Lukman’s readiness to serve, aid, promote and project the People’s cause has never been in question, even at a time he had to spend his hard-earned money for that noble purpose.

Consequent upon that, I am forced to come to the conclusion that whereas nobility may be a virtue to some others, it’s second nature to LOM.

And in a manner replica of a great warrior, this undying passion for victory as demonstrated over and over again with his physical virility and intellectual sagacity inclusive, I am better reminded of a Yoruba saying ` Bi Aroni o wa’le, Onikoyi o sinmin ogun `. ( Until the Aroni returns, the Onikoyis never leave a war unfought). Perhaps this wise saying explains the commitment of Alakanbi. Mallam Lukman must be a man with a fire furiously flaming in his belly which only victory for the people of Kwara can extinguished.

I would assume this stance because I have heard with one ear yet again that he facilitated the visit of the Vice President, Pro. Yemi Osibanjo to Kwara State. By this singular act, if I hadn’t considered Mallam Lukman a cornerstone in the art of leadership earlier, I wouldn’t have hesitated to give him the highest marks of 100 over 100. The idea of the Vice Presidential candidate of his party’s visit to the state two days to elections is only masterly, brilliant, and wonderfully intelligent.

There’s no doubt that the dainty and mercurial VP would do a lot to motivate, encourage and galvanise the good people of Kwara State once more, particularly after the disappointment of the elections last week Saturday, to vote for the Next Level team.

This visit would signify the resurgence of Ó tó gé believers and followers. Since the power of positivity was never in doubt, there’s no reason why the mood of the people should not be revived and revved up. Such act of persistence would further demonstrate to the people how highly cherished by the APC and party’s unbroken resolve to win the State.

And no matter how much political gains such political master tactics by the brainy LOM accrues the party, the fact remains that he’s not a direct beneficiary, a knowledge which further strengthen the mysteriousness of the self styled banker. After a careful consideration of such rare traits and enviable exploits, one would wonder if this man is not of another world. What a man! What a blessing! Except victory and the realization of a truly REBIRTH kwara, there’s hardly anything worthy of compensation of Mallam Lukman’s tenacity.

However for posterity sake, for it’s sure a great man like LOM would transcend this time and even many generations, the world should know that the struggle for Kwara Liberation had a leader, and he was the Rebirth Captain, Mallam Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha. I am sure even posterity know its own.

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