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Eid-ul-Adha: Sheriff Shagaya Enjoins Selflessness, Sue for Safety during Celebrations.

Ibraheem Abdullateef

Chairman Salman Shagaya Foundation Alhaji Sheriff Shagaya has rejoiced with the Muslim community on the Eid-ul- Adha festival (Ileya) celebration, enjoining the faithfuls to elevate selflessness and imbibe the acts of sacrifice in the new season.

In a Sallah message issued by the Foundation’s Press Secretary, Ibraheem Abdullateef, the philanthropist also called on the good people of Kwara state to extend love to others and prioritise peace and tranquility before during and after the festival.

“This season preaches selflessness, sacrifice, fulfilment of pledge, submission to Allah’s will and love with one’s family and neighbours. This doesn’t stop with slaughtering of rams, the faithfuls are required to extend support, preaches peace and advance good neighborliness with the people in the community. The Eid-ul-Adha period is one time when people mix and relates with others with utmost love and care. The people are enjoined to imbibe the moral of selflessness”. Part of message reads.

“I call upon Kwarans to remain modest and law-abiding citizens during the celebrations. The pomp and pageantry of Sallah should not rob us off chastity, decency and dignity”.He admonished.

The Chairman of the leading foundation in the state prayed to God to grant the people abundance to have fulfilling celebrations.

He also congratulated the Ilorin indigents over the upcoming occasion of Durbar 2019 event. Sheriff advises people to do away with political sentiments and enjoy the rich display of cultural heritage the event affords.

Shagaya called on motorists, commercial riders and other road users to prioritize road safety by respecting traffic signs and other safety limits to avoid occurrence of accidents that characterises festive period.

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