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Durbar: Saraki’s Still A Chase?

Saraki’s Still A Chase?

The most anticipated event in Ilorin is around the corner – Durbar 2019. Plans and processes are being put in place. And the committee must be celebrated, they are walking round the clock to give the people another enthralling show of class, culture and heritage of Ilorin Emirate. It’s almost certain that the world is about to see wonders in Ilorin yet again, after the remarkable curtains- raiser of the event last year.

The mood on the streets is enviable, both young and old are getting prepared for the day. Across the social media spaces to bukateria, beer- parlour and roadside assemblies, Ilorin Durbar 2019 is the crux of the gists.

The tailors can be said to be busier than the bees at the moment. The merry people of Ilorin are making double clothes for Sallah, and the big fiesta at the front of Emir’s palace on the 3rd day of Ileya. How gracious could people be!

However, it’s not as rosy behind the scene. There is a feeler that the kitchen is never this hot. May be the elites do not really know fun. Like someone somewhere once said; the poor should be happy for their good hearts. Riches cannot buy that.

According to a reliable source, the Waziri Of Ilorin, Former Senate President Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki might not be on seat on that day.

Aftermath of his humbling loss at the polls, Sen. Abubakar Bukola has been a fugitive abroad. Only the death of the Emir’s mother could bring him into town. It will be hard not to conclude that the erstwhile political leader in Kwara State is not still smarting from the horrible defeats at the polls in 2019.

However, there might be more than meet the eyes. There must be some *undertakers* striving day and night to bury him- politically. And Durbar 2019 may be part of the plans. In fact, the most critical step to achieve the immolation plans.

Recall that during the last Durbar celebrations, Saraki was the Special Guest Of Honour. He was sitting majestically by the right side of the exalted Emir. He looks regal and kingly too receiving greetings and salutations. He was the man of the moment.

But now that the political tide has changed, he might not even attend talk less of retaining his seat.

There’s an hush hush in the closed circles that his presence is unwanted by the Lords of today. They said Saraki’s face is leprous, and no more a sight to behold.

And one would wonder if losing a political battle means to lose one’s ancestral home.

Saraki is the Waziri N geri of Ilorin, a very powerful position in the Emirate.

And we shudder at the accounts filtering from Insiders about the plots to make him sit the event out.

Should Durbar gets stained by politics?

Is Saraki less an Ilorin man now?

Does losing political powers denies one of traditional authorities as a Chieftains?

Or could Saraki himself be planning to abardon his people?

Whether he makes the guest of honour is nobody’s but the Durbar Committee decision. And they owe no one, except the Emir, the basis for their decisions.

But the people would ask copious question about the absence of the Waziri N geri if he eventually misses it.

We hope we don’t have to witness it. But the writings on the wall says: Saraki’s still a chase.

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