May 29th of every year is separated in Nigeria to celebrate the time of transition of government from military to civilian, from Barrack to Parlour and from compulsion to freewill which has clocked 19 years today.

Amb. Abdulfatai Seriki Gambari seizes the occasion to commend the heroes and heroines of Nigeria nascent democracy. Those people that he tagged “Lovers of Freedom” sacrificed all in their disposal to make sure that democracy is established and promulgated.

To him, “democracy is a government established on the shoulder of people, sustained by opinions of the people and aimed at the benefits of the people”.

In his Press Statement made available to our reporters; The Nigerian state has gone through the era of thick and thin, there were times that compulsion became the order of the day, but some group of people deserved some accolades today because they envisaged a society where everyone would be free to be what he likes under the ambit of law, these people gave us democracy that we are celebrating today.

Also, he gives kudos to those that have continuously paid the sacrifice for the promulgation of this democracy. At this point, he said ” The Media, Civil Organizations, Political Parties, Pressure Groups and other related associations have helped in shaping our democracy, with their efforts, our nascent democracy is getting rooted, they deserved recognition and applaud for the job well-done”.

According to Ambassador; although we have tried in sustenance of the democracy, but the fact remains we have not gotten there, as people with common fate and identity, we have to utilize the values of democracy to enhance love, peace and unity in the country. Our commitment to this core values of democracy will definitely enhance the development of our dear country.

In his submission, he extend an appeal to everyone to embrace peace in the forthcoming general election, according to him, a peaceful and fair election will further deepen the democracy in the country.

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