December to Remember hit Kwara

December to Remember hit Kwara

Just like in over 27 states in Nigeria and twenty other countries in Africa, December to Remember orphanage outreach was carried out in Kwara State by a daring team of volunteers who share the conviction that the world becomes a better place when we all take responsibility for each other.

The orphanage team reached out to the Kwara State Children Reception Center at Pipeline road, Tanke Ilorin, on Saturday 22nd if December, 2018 with many gift items ranging from foodstuff, stationers, clothings, drugs and even a live chicken to make Christmas memorable for the kids there, amongst other gifts.

The outreach had two little volunteers, David and Dominion who gave out an amazing N1000 from their saving and the live chicken they had plan to enjoy their Christmas with.

The Kwara state coordinator, Ghazali Abdulmuizz, a student of the University of Ilorin recounts that at a point, due to the lateness in organization, he had felt the outreach would be impossible, however, he had a team that share the belief that “our challenges may appear profound and manifold, but with our collective effort, they are not unsurmountable”.

Speaking to the head of the caregivers at the orphanage, Ghazali Abdulmuizz reiterated the organization’s commitment to reaching out to Orphanages and other bodies alike to ensure that a better future is guaranteed for all, in his words, he announced “we believe that with proper care and total elimination of stigmatisation on these kids and other people alike, we are building a next generation that’d always watch each others back and would be committed to building a better society, hence, we are committed to reaching out to orphanages like this and other bodies alike to contribute our own quota to the society”.

The organization had an health talk with the kids, especially on hand washing in order to prevent so many sicknesses, as most sickness are associated with germs and dirty environment.

The representative of the caregivers, posted from the ministry of women affairs in the state thanked the organization for extending a hand of charity to the children and also recounts that the organization was around in December 2017, she then urged that the organization continues its good work asnit won’t go unrewarded.

The coordinator thanked every volunteer for their part in ensuring the success of the event and is looking forward to the next event that would unite them all once again, as he admits that indeed, they are probably the best team he had worked with.


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