Press Release

“Atunwa One; an Icon of Greater Kwara” BY ATUNWA STUDENTS’ SUPPORT GROUP (ASSG)


12th November, 2018.


“Atunwa One; an Icon of Greater Kwara”

The Atunwa Students’ Support Group ASSG is a student movement, drawn its members from various tertiary institutions of learning in Kwara state (both Government owned and private institutions) who has come together with the sole aim of supporting the candidature of Hon. Razak Atunwa as Governor of Kwara State in 2019 general election.

What worth doing at all is worth doing well, as the 2019 elections clock tricks, we (Atunwa Students’ Support Group) deem it fit to pass a vote of confidence on Hon. Razak Atunwa, the People’s Democratic Party’s Candidate.

The valance of achievements recorded by him during his call to service in different offices and how he has brought many developments in the area of youth empowerment and most importantly, award of scholarship to students has proven his capability.

The decision to come out and throw our total weight behind the candidature of Hon. Razak Atunwa is as a result of his leadership sagacity and his clean record of achievements in the past, couple with his intellectual capacity to deliver Kwara State of our dream.

We shall maintain our strength and tentacles in order to ensure that the Atunwa One project is achieved. Already we have our structures on ground with perfect coordination.

We drawn our coordinators from various institutions across the harmonious state who will be piloting the affairs of their various campuses.

Our PVC is our power; It’s part of our plans to embark on villa to villa and campus to campus movement to convince and encourage youth and students in order to troop out in mass to vote the man who we referred to Youth representative.

Finally, having identified Hon. Razak Atunwa as an Icon of Greater Kwara, we hereby, call on every patriotic Kwarans to supports this genuine moment of ours and vote the People’s Democratic Party PDP in 2019 general election.

Atunwa One! Better Kwara is Achievable!


Comr. Abdulsalam Wasiu.
State Coordinator, ASSG.

Comr. Abdulkadir Aliyu Maituta
Publicity Secretary, ASSG