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AbdulRahman: The traveller and his voyage across a “rotten” State.

One could begin with the political maneuver and the advances it bequeath this fresh leader. One might also begin with the justification in comparism, but for AbdulRahman, he is probably more concern about how not to betray the confidence reposed in him by a majority of Kwarans.

In the wee hours of electioneering period, everyone were apprehensive as to how this “novice” who rarely speak – in public – for minute(s) will be able to pilot the affair of a wretched state like Kwara.

Before now, it has become obvious that Kwara, a state of great potentials, is in dire straits and one wonders what pushed us into such a state of decline within a period of about sixteen years. Is it our founding fathers? Is it the politicians? Is it the handiwork of external forces that never wanted this state to be a formidable player in the country’s affair? Is it some metaphysical forces beyond our control? What is it that has made us unable to exploit our natural gifts, resources and potentials for the emancipation of our people to the extent that we have swam in an ocean of fresh water for decades and yet came out dirty and thirsty?

The danger posed by this is such that it is so deeply hidden and continue to threatened our existence like a timed bomb. During this period, the forces of evil have a way of bringing kindred spirits together to fulfill an evil agenda. At that moment, any other dissenting voice could be effectively silenced by this ‘axis of evil’.

Nonetheless, some zealous grunts still stood milled and continued to lighten the gradually burning flame of revolution that will later consume one of the the most powerful and influential dynasty in the history of a Nigeria country. It was quite much difficult to imagine this much-dreaded dynasty – that bestrode the politics of Kwara like a colossus from where they held sway as an oracle and dished out orders that were considered laws – will fall like park of matches within such time frame.

They understood the language of local politics and deployed it to a great advantage. The gate of the dynasty palatial premises “Ile-Loke” was left open for poverty-stricken people and political opportunists who swarmed the house for food and financial favour; not to talk of those who hanged their political destinies on this dynast.

True to their tributes, they ruled the state like a ‘garrison’. With the support of old women with much stronger electoral values, foot soldiers, traditional rulers – they battled opposition figures both from within and outside.

During this period, the state continued to dwell in poverty and infrastructure was left at the mercy of the affected individual who cannot survive outside of having it restructured. This evidently manifest the great revolution that brought down the great man of Kwara. The phrase, “how the mighty falls” was probably on the lip of every gladiator.

The new ruler having a forensic knowledge of the situation of the state, couldn’t a minute after inauguration to embark on a journey to inspect how much of the state has gone down. Mayhaps, disturbed by the revolution that brought him to power, or presumably not wanting to betray the trust of the people, Abdulrahaman rarely stay at the state house but rather maintained a continuous trip across the state.

The damages done to the state is detestable that he lamented in one or his visit, “I had been depressed by what I had been seeing during my inspection of government institutions.”

The North is wretched, the south is lousy while the much acclaimed developed central is battling poverty and infrastructure decadence. This has formed part of Abdulrahman’s headache, inspite of the fact that party members and politicians are busy with appointment and politics, the governor buried himself in thought of how to recover, build and maintain the potentials in the state.

The facility tour across the government ministries and parastatals in Kwara state since he took over the reigns of governance had enabled him to have first hand Informant’s about the state of things.

Many of these tours were strategically unscheduled to enable the Governor see the problems raw as they are. He had arrived Radio Kwara and met it off the air. He inherited that from the last administration and expressed sadness, saying that what he met in terms of performance was below zero level.

After his tour across educational facilities in the state and it was uncovered that it was on the lowest performance chart among other states in Nigeria. He visited the UBEC headquarters office in Abuja where he was revealed that the last administration fleeced the funds and stopped participation for more than three years now.

After identifying the issue, he had approved the immediate payment of the N450m that the previous administration had diverted from the UBEC funds, clearing the way for immediate readmission of Kwara to a scheme that is meant to improve access to basic education.

Outside the education sector, Abdulrahman, after inspecting tsome hospitals in the state couldn’t hide his disgust for the rotteness that welcomed him, this prompted the approval of the immediate release of N282m for nutrition, primary health care. The N282m is a counterpart funding to deepen access to primary healthcare, health insurance and nutrition for under-three children in the state, according to a statement by his media aide, Rafiu Ajakaye.

While giving the break down, he explained that the N282m covers N100m counterpart funds for Basic Healthcare Provision Funds (BHPV); N50m for Accelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria (ANRIN); and another N82m to access global grants for malaria.

The statement said the release of the counterpart funds for BHPV would grant Kwara access to the World Bank/Federal Government’s grant to cater for health needs of pregnant and nursing women and children.

He said, “Experts have decried malnutrition rate among children in the North Central, where Kwara falls. Because these children are so key to the bright future that this Governor envisions for Kwara, it is important to urgently key into any initiative that would boost their nutrition and give them a brighter chance at life.”

In addition, the governor has given enough priority to the water reticulation project that engulfed about 6.1 billion from the previous administration. The second phase of the road rehabilitation is also ongoing across the state capital metropolis. This has set the record straight and show the side of history the current “chief of state” is trailing.

Consequently, one will be left with no other words than, If this this is actually bringing positive proceed, let him continue his voyage across a rottened the rottened state.

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