Hon. Tunji Olawuyi (Ajuloopin), North-Central Coordinator for Femi Gbajabiamila Speakership Campaign.

In a recent visit to his Omu-aran base in the Ekiti, Irepodun, Isin, Oke-Ero Federal Constituency of Kwara State, charismatic, affable and ever-accessible returning Federal House of Representative Member, Hon. Tunji Olawuyi (Ajuloopin) addressed media agents regarding the impending inauguration of the 9th National Assembly and his excitement about the prospect of a Femi Gbajabiamila Speakership of the Federal House of Representatives.

” The 9th National Assembly of our great Republic will be inaugurated on the 11th of June, 2019. Now, that is an important date with history. Let me remind you that President Muhammadu Buhari campaigned for re-election on the template of a Next Level agenda. The import of this is clear; the President is determined to scale the bar of governance delivery in Nigeria. In his first term in office, he set new and modest records in almost all aspects of the country’s management. With his focused and disciplined leadership, Nigeria has won back great respect and cooperation from all corners of the world. The people on the streets of Nigeria are also, now, gradually feeling the positive warmth of his leadership.

It is not easy however to reverse a system of government that has previously been buried in rot. When the President started his administration in 2015 with unprecedented fight against institutionalised corruption, he had to come to terms with dislocations and deeply etched disenchantment within the government hierarchy, particularly some elements in the National Assembly. As we all know quite well, Nigeria is a constitutional state, so everything is enshrined in our laws and the National Assembly is the custodian of constitutionalism – by proxy for the great citizens of the nation. So, when the President repeatedly runs into bumps, put in place by elements in the National Assembly to slow down his pace, you can imagine what volume of frustration that must have been, especially when those elements have so to speak hijacked the leadership of the National Assembly.

With his re-election as President for a second term, the people of Nigeria have spoken again and very clearly; they have endorsed President Buhari’s courageous vision for Nigeria. They have endorsed his desires and action plans for a more pragmatic and citizens-based governance system in Nigeria – a system that is free from the cankerous decay of corruption and gluttonous public stewardship. The aspiration for a better Nigeria, a country of our dreams cuts across all divides. Today, this aspiration does not recognise ethnic, geographical, religious or political indoctrination. We all want Nigeria to be fully back to her optimal potential.

In forging ahead with his mandate and the collective hopes and aspiration of the Nigerian people in his second term in office, we are desirous of a boisterous, formidable and complementary National Assembly. We do not look forward to a retrogressive national parliament in the pursuit of the Next Level vision. We do not want a National Assembly that will subvert the genuine efforts and blueprints of the Executive in the joint business of positively transforming Nigeria.

That is why you see all of us, returning and newly elected members of the National Assembly, engaging in extensive consultations and dialogues to ensure that only the very best are saddled with the sensitive task of marshalling the affairs of the Parliament as from June 11, 2019.
For the House of Representatives, the best choice and best fit for the position of Speaker is our great colleague, peoples’ attorney, nationalist and astute parliamentarian, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, who represents the good people of Surulere 1 Federal Constituency.

Without any equivocation or doubt, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila is the most qualified to lead the Green

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