I will be loyal to my followers and not the other way round- Oniyangi

The Gubernatorial candidate of the New Progressive Movement (NPM) Mallam Abdulazeez Yinka Oniyangi has disclosed that he will be loyal to his followers and not his followers loyal to him if he eventually emerged victorious in the forthcoming elections.

He made this known in a summit organised by the Oniyangi Youth Movement yesterday in Ilorin.

Section of youths who attended the summit

Oniyangi said he will invest more in agriculture and support food security by adopting mechanised farming. He further emphasized on need to encourage poutry farming.

He noted that Kwara Youths needs not to be deceive by their political shenanigans, we need to be more active and reasonable enough to identify looters of our common wealth pretending to be our messiah,

He said: “I AbdulAzeez Yinka Oniyangi will explore every opportunity available to ensure the good People of Kwara and lovers of our dear state get what belongs to them in the area of qualitative health care delivery, Quality and affordable education, youths and sports developments, women engagement in my administration.

“The success of this revolution means alot to Kwarans and we must not slip on our way to success, we must win and handover the state to our children in one pact or we both eternally become a slave to the two popular parties, Considering the Peculiarity of this time, this is probably the last opportunity ordained by God for our freedom and if we slip and don’t take the opportunity, that means our fate has been permanently sealed to remain pauperized and continue to be a slave in our own land, those who are running around to re install one dynasty or Political party to lead Kwara for the next four years will be the worst to suffer and may carry the greatest regrets to their graves.

“Once the major Opposition in Kwara NPM Omi Tuntun fail in Kwara this time, it will be difficult to generate this type of an assemblage and definitely your fate is sealed to continue to be subservient to both PDP and APC and will worst than this era you’ll be left alone without strength to fight.

“Remove the erroneous narrative that PDP/APC are true parties that love Kwarans.

“The leadership in both Parties are thieves and they don’t love Kwarans, the present people at the helms of Kwara State affairs are not sincere, it’s not surprising that no new school, no new hospital, no new solid infrastructure is built in harmony state for the past decades.

“Kwara as at today is a ghost of the Peaceful, prosperous and alluring to outsiders, kwara of today the civil servants are now proper servants only serving one family.

Speaking further, he said he will look into tourism as it is “a key factor in development”.

Hajia Hadiza Balogun- Oniyangi, wife of gubernatorial candidate NPM

Also the wife of gubernatorial candidate, Hajia Hadiza Balogun- Oniyangi admonished the youths to engage in fruitful ventures and use their time judiciously. She encouraged the “coming generations” to be ready to take up the challenge by starting somewhere, and neccesarily from the top.

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