Emirate Students attack Unilorin VC over student’s expulsion

The Ilorin Emirate Students has attacked the University of Ilorin Vice-Chancellor, Prof. AbdulKareem Age over expulsion of a 600 level vetenary medicine student, The Informant247 can authoratively report.

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*We wish to convey to you the solidarity and best wishes of over one million Ilorin Emirate Students through out the federation on the deadly allegation and unjustifiable expulsion decision made on the personality of a 600level student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Ilorin, named, Alada Aliyu Babatunde.*

We wish to react to Alada Aliyu Babatunde’s judgement of the management of University of Ilorin, which upholds the submission of *expulsion*.

The judgement is highly unfortunate and runs against the grain of the rights and privilege confers on every citizen of the state constitutionally. And without being fanatical but factual, the decision to expel Alada Aliyu Babatunde is fully erroneous because it failed to exercise due cognizance of the wrong allegation of misconduct against him by carrying out due investigation of the actual event and misconducts attributed to him.

It is obvious and mandatory that wherever there is an allegation of misconduct against a student during examination, certain steps are required to be taken towards investigating the allegation starting from the point of the alleged misconduct, through a panel by the faculty before the trial by the Students Disciplinary Committee. The arrangement is established to guarantee a sense of fair hearing.

With no justification, how on earth the management of the University of Ilorin stoop so low inspite her image and prestige and made the decision of expulsion on a student who was not found of any misconduct during examination, neither was he apprehended of any exhibit that contains relevant materials during the exam nor disturbed the exam process. He was not asked to fill an examination malpractice form, his exam sheet was not collected and signed over nor torn.

Consequently, it was not until after a month equivalent to 17 days when the then Dean of the Faculty who is from Ilorin, Proff, S F Ambali vacated as the then dean he was served a letter that he was to address the Sub Dean Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Ilorin on the 10th August, 2017 over an alleged misconduct within 24hours and which he did. There was no response given to his letter for him to know the stand of the Faculty over the false allegation but was been given fake promises and deceitful comments by the faculty that he should not be worried that there will be no problem over the allegation. This was how the faculty had been playing pranks on him till he received a letter on Thursday 8th February, 2018 but dated 30th January 2018, and was required to appear before the University Students Disciplinary Committee (SDC) on that same day(Thursday 8th February, 2018), which proves that it was a planned work for letter to be delayed and made it unaware to the victim.

However, the Emirates strongly disagree and condemn the grounds upon which the decision of expulsion of Alada Aliyu Babatunde is presented base on the following facts:-

_The University management has failed to imbibe the due procedure for expelling students from school.

_The decision to expel him was not giving due regard to his right to fair hearing with the standard established for the University.

_This has been at great social and life cost on the part of the student who is experiencing and withstanding worst of decision from the management.

_It remains inexcusable that the management of the University of Ilorin are being too much desperate on their political and tribalistic interest to the extent of making the sons of Ilorin as bait of achieving their interest, and curiously, with very clear picture and interpretation of the contentious issue, of more concern is the fact that the outcome of the management’s decision could lead to a great chaos on the university. We hereby call upon the management to take a proper measure on their worst decision, for forewarned is foretold.


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