Cash payment: Civil group raises alarm, accuses Kwara govt.of fraud

A civil group, Kwara Must Change, has expressed surprise overstatement released by the Kwara state government over the payment of workers through cash via it Facebook page.

The statement reads, “Kwara Must Change feels bewildered and surprised that the Kwara State
government can attempt to justify its shameless cash payment to
workers in this digital age.”

“This shameless justification was contained in a statement by the state
government via its facebook page, while reacting to Kwara Must Change
accusation on the matter, urging it to stop the practice henceforth.”

“In a statement via Facebook, the Kwara State government had said with
reference to the State Ministry of Justice and other MDAs, only
traveling allowances and other petty transactions are cash-based while
all other payments are done electronically.”

“We find this statement self indicting and call on the state government
to put a stop to the practice with immediate effect.”

“It is important to state that, Kwara Must Change is not unaware that
workers salaries are paid via electronic means, what we contended and
still contending is the rationale for paying workers allowances by
cash. We reiterate that paying workers allowances in cash is
tantamount to leaving room for fraud and corruption, which we believe
is being perpetrated by government appointees. This is so because,
workers are asked to sign on sheet of papers without having any clue
on how much is claimed in their names. In other word, different amount
is paid cash as allowances, while different amount is claimed.

By admitting to paying training, travel and other allowances in cash,
our point has already been made and we fault the practice. It is our
contention that, there is no arguement in this world that can justify
paying workers allowances in cash when it can easily be paid via the
electronics system. We maintain that the only rationale for this cash
payment is fraud and corruption and we want it to stop with immediate

Abdulrazaq O Hamzat
Kwara Must Change

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